The Meaningful Questions

Hi… to cute girl.

Hallohaaaa… handsome boy !! ^^

I got the lucky invitation

What's the meaningful Questions?

That its ! What and How.
I'll write to answer this meaningful questions.
but....... before that. I want to share with you the moment.
cuz I'm not sure whether u're there or not.
*Sharing is Caring*

#WARNING : This post little bit Long. cuz this is memories of a my lifetime. (^_^)
Take a deep breath
Are You READY??
Here we GO !!

My Way to Get There...

This is my map to get there. For your information, this is my first time go to Sunway Pyramid. I came by train. This is my first time so I’m little bit clumsy to reach there. I about to lose my way cuz I was wrong to take train. O m g.  Guess what. I was still at Bangsar LRT Station at 9.15 am. I was informing to reach there at 9.00 am for registration... I am ‘On Time’ person. In my heart, I hope that the roads are not crowded. Then………. Taraaaa!!! The first person I saw was Jin Lim a.k.a JinnyBoy. O m g. O m GGGG!!... he’s there tooooo!! I was screaming, “Jinnnnnn !!! I'm your fannnnnn !!” then he look at me.. wait ! Did he hear me??? I screamed inside meh. Did he hear me?? Waww… amazing.. then I shy shy cat laaa… (^^) oppsss.. I forgot to line up. Wait wait waittttt…………. Then my turn to register. 

Are you there during the event run?

If yes. That’s good !! you knew how happening that event !
If NOOOO……. It’s ok. Because I’m here to share with you !! ^_^
Jeng jengggggg… I know some people don’t like to read. What they want to is look the pictures.
So I would like to share the moment with pictures. Then u’ll be able know how happening it is. You know people always said that “every picture has its own story” kikiii
you don’t believe me? Never mind. Here we go !!

Before AOTG-explorer start.


B24 is my team number

Astro Shirt

this is my teammate,

Astro beg..
seem like SAG beg <3

While Performing Tasks

psy is shy
so sopan~

duck duck~

After Finish

<3 jin lim <3


Now I know..
how important POWER BANK
I should hv one

Its time to answer the question !

The best part........
The best part  TO ME 
when we can't find a booth.

You must wonder WHY right??
Let me take you through the times of

when we received the message....
we just like this picture.

Oh...we can't find.... we were so confused...
then.. we ran there..we ran here...
aiyooo... the shopper keep looking to us..
even I'm athlete..I never never never  never ran in a shopping mall. 
It is very unique.
valuable experience !!

taraa.. we rilexing our mind.. 
and keep asking.. 

then, I search on google..
"korean shop in Sunway Pyramid"
Mr.Google give us the answer

so, what are you waiting for?
lets run.. 
go to UNIQLO


Astro Booth NO there!!
we keep ran...ran.. ran...
Naik Turun Tangga Bergerak...
but still...
we can't find..
I still remember.
we found the answer. but not the booth. ><

when we were impasse. Suddenly a miracle happened !
we found the booth.
its there! infront of Espirit
o m g

 we take 3 minutes only at the korean booth.
the answer is The Great Seer !

then we continued to another booth,
seem like we were not in trouble after found the korean booth.

Selamat kakak ni cute !
we lost about half hour to find this booth.
that's why this is the best part to me.
I've learned a lot.
Experience is what I need !

Lessons  I learned from the my own story :

**Never ever give up !
**Strive to be successful !
**Shortly patience may ward off great disaster.
**Water is important (^^)

Next Question..

ask  my parent 

Me : Mak boleh langgan Astro-On-The-Go tak?
Mak: Ape benda tu anakku?
Me: Mak tak tahu ke? Tak pe. Yuu explain...

Mak: Bagus lah tu. Bagus bonar Astro ni...

that my dialog with my mom..
I learned in Perlis.
Perlis don't have much entertainment like cinema.
so.. I'm little bit stress cuz I don't really know what the latest hot movie..
I just like Jet Lag..

just see this..

no antena astro. means no astro..

No TV No Astro No Movie.


but with Astro-On-The-Go

I can watch
Anytime Anywhere
even in Kuliah day.. 

I already subscribed AOTG...
can't wait to use it in Perlis as my sem break about to die young, lol
I'll make sure that I topup my broadband
so no buffering while watch AOTG..

If I have a tournament..
I just only bring my phone or tab.
cuz through it I can watch whatever I like.

I will never be outdated.
can be together with friends to watch.
get rid of boredom.
can see the live broadcast.

This rock man !!!
*ignored the tapawer*

------The End-----

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