My 1st time with NIVEA’s rinse off body lotion

Hi !

Before I know about this product, I just know conditioner only for hair. But know, I must change my mind to say that the body also have conditioner. I think every one should know about this product. This is awesome. You have to try to experience it then you know how cool it is!

I need to use this conditioner because every week I have to go to the swimming class. This is disaster for me because every time I back from the swimming class my skin will dry and being rough. This all because of chlorine! For hair, I use conditioner to cover my dry hair. For body? No conditioner. 

Before this product release, I was very worry about my skin. No product suitable to settle my problem. Now! I don't have to worry anymore. This in shower intensive skin conditioner is very awesome. I need to buy it to take care of my skin. No more rough skin. No more worry. I can swim without thinking about the skin anymore. 

I very thankful to NIVEA. This is my first product I use for body skin. Its look like it very effective for swimmer like me. Smooth skin is mine!

Everyone! You should look this video

Hujung minggu pelajar Universiti


Ini landak yang bakal di korbankan. daging dia sedap woo!

mee soup gua kerbau. sedap sedapppp~~

Ini lah daging landak tuh sebelum bertukar menjadi Kari Landak

Cara membuat akaun PAYPAL


1. Go to Paypal Website. HERE

2. Click Sign Up

3. For Individual or Business ?

4. Fill the form.

5. Verified your account.

     1. Comfirm your card.
     2. To get 4-digit. kindly call your bank and ask for the Digit.

6. Finish. Congratulation. :)