My 1st time with NIVEA’s rinse off body lotion

Hi !

Before I know about this product, I just know conditioner only for hair. But know, I must change my mind to say that the body also have conditioner. I think every one should know about this product. This is awesome. You have to try to experience it then you know how cool it is!

I need to use this conditioner because every week I have to go to the swimming class. This is disaster for me because every time I back from the swimming class my skin will dry and being rough. This all because of chlorine! For hair, I use conditioner to cover my dry hair. For body? No conditioner. 

Before this product release, I was very worry about my skin. No product suitable to settle my problem. Now! I don't have to worry anymore. This in shower intensive skin conditioner is very awesome. I need to buy it to take care of my skin. No more rough skin. No more worry. I can swim without thinking about the skin anymore. 

I very thankful to NIVEA. This is my first product I use for body skin. Its look like it very effective for swimmer like me. Smooth skin is mine!

Everyone! You should look this video

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