Do not weeping What Not Ours

In this journey of life we ​​often feel frustrated. Very disappointed indeed. Something missing from the grip, desire unfulfilled, that statement does not conform to expectations. Finally thinking is sinking slowly - but surely.

Really, all that has been present in frustration so tempestuous soul.

And very very lucky if the soul effect the moments, there is a drop light in the heart to contemplate the truth. Still have the strength to set foot head councils of knowledge, remembrance ceremonies that will give peace of mind.

Life is like a Forest . Place that we catch various desires. And indeed created man has a will, a desire. But not everything that we'd like to be chalk, not all of us want to be reached. And not easy to realize that what is not ours we should not weeping.

Many people do not realize that life does not have a law: that is to be successful, to be happy or should-be others.

Many people are successful but forget that the original gift of God to make it all the arrogant and arbitrary acts. The fact that failure is something we have no right to, as determined by him.

Not Ours
What do we belong in the world, such as the living, office and position to convey God's will. But what was not ours, then we will not be able to have, although it is barely upon us, even though we are working tooth and nail.

"There is already a disaster that befalls the earth, and (nor) in yourselves, without its being in a Book (down the tablets Mahfuz) before We create it. Surely, that is easy for Allah. (We explain such) so that you do not grieve for what escaped you and that you should not be too happy with what God give to you. And Allah does not love any arrogant boaster "(Surah Al-Hadid: 22-23)

The same applies to the times of need about matchmaking. Sometimes we are not aware of us blame God about matchmaking, open it ask for the best in our istikharah. We like that determines everything ..

My soul is grieved, hear this from God:

".... It may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you. And may be you love something when it is bad for you Omniscience kalian.Allah do not know. "(Surat al-Baqara 216)

So after this, O soul, do you drift in long-lasting sorrow soul of any lapse and have gone from you. Anything that we feel should be in this world, should be able to give us hope to be happy in the afterlife. Because a believer does not live to the world, but to make the world to find life in the hereafter!

But never mind, don't weeping for what is not yours!

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