Seribu Alasan untuk bergembira

We always grieve.

Grieving for many things. There are those who are grieving for loved ones lost, stolen goods, grieving for appearances, insult and calumny, and so on. There were also sad because of love.

There is time, indeed mankind feel sadness.

Already a habit, we often find an excuse to bersedihan 1000 times. from small to big things.
Yes, grieving is always good because it can occasionally softens the heart, a sensitive soul sign.
But the dosage needs to be controlled. Too long soak in the sorrow of the soul will rot.
So why do we not find 1000 reasons to rejoice?

aik? calamity do want to be happy?
My point here is that we have to think positive all what happened.
For example, when we lost handsets, the reason may God wants us to return to Him after we get lost in the world of business.
It's a sign of God dear to us. Is not that a reason to rejoice?


People "believe" is amazing. They are able through all turns of life with courage and serenity.

God is good all the decisions. Awards for excellence and glory of life is not making riya ', arrogant, ujud up dragging to hell.
Load does not lead to disaster despair, disappointment and lament-tentacle to drag her into the humans who are not grateful.
Only the "believers" only able to connect his soul with God, for all pleased with his decision. Hearken to His provision.

Why do I believe the only real instead of Muslims? 
This is because, only a believer who believes in 100% without a doubt to God. They were pleased with what happened.

Prophet Muhammad himself, grieving only for a moment. Good on the death of his children, or his friends death of a beloved.

Enough we find 1000 reasons to be sad and elongated-manjangkan our grief is. Let us find 1000 reasons to gladden the heart. The fact is, there is nothing bad in the gift of God Almighty. Everything is great and has its own wisdom. When God gave us misfortune, the advantages in terms of warning to us.

We live only to judge.

If our heart felt parched then hiburlah with the remembrance of Allah,

If our minds are so tangled strands tenangkanlah with rosary,

When we feel chest tightness then lapangkan with Recital,

If the override sad Remember: for what? "It's sad there is no point ... this world is not the place to move wistful"

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