Problem is Not a Problem

When we suffer a problem, means that God wants us to live more adults in the face of this. When our misfortune, that means God wants us closer to him. When we are afflicted with pain, means that God has provided for our convenience.

For surely there are problems behind the maturation process, there is wisdom behind calamities, despite the hardships no facility.

"Surely there are pitfalls along the facility. Indeed, there are pitfalls along the facility. "(Surat al-Insyirah: 5-6)

When the problem comes up, do not complain in front of the creator, not rebellion will result especially by saying that God is not fair. However, ask that we be given the patience and perseverance in the face, given the best solution for us, and always expect him to give us rewards.

Without the night, never beautiful full moon. Without hunger, food will never feel pleasure. Without water cool thirst will not give a lot of meaning. Similarly, many will not win or facility without a leading meaningful resistance of difficulty. After came the cloudy bright.

There is no life without problems, because the problem is his Sunnah. We need only open the chest in the face. If we build our resilience, grace will be sorely problem. If we ever build a sigh miserable problems will always increase.

Comes to problem we face, not condemned or condemnation. The problem is in the process of maturation medium. Without problems we would not have grown. No problem we would not be unusual. "Straight and flat road would never produce a great driver. Calm sea seamen would never produce efficient. The sky would never produce a reliable pilot. "

At the moment we are looking for a solution in a problem, in that moment will live a maturation process begins. Let smile then they have a problem and be able to overcome the problem wisely,  with fixed always depend on the outcome of God, he made just after the trusts.

Come with us to conquer the problem!

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