I Am The Unstoppable Explorer

Hi :)

Happy April-day..

April & May is my LONGGGG sem break..
and i don't know what I want to do in this LONGGGest break.
So, I called my self as "penganggur terhormat" sound like VVIP ya? LOL..

As we see the tittle........
yesss.. I'm like the tittle..
I love to travel. As I'm one of the Sport & Recreational Students, I need to involve so many camp held by Faculty and University. When I travel, the most important thing I will do is EXPLORE..
Fresh in my mind, when I went to ....*oh my godness.. I forgot that place already... Ish.. what wrong me! oh? already 2.54 a.m... that why laa.. :) *

jeng jenggg.. Its----> GUA KERBAU, KODIANG, KEDAH !

I'm not in Africa..But in KEDAH :)

Its was my first camp as i was declare as a Uni Students. we were trevel all around the hill... 
then I realized.. waw!! Its nature!! RARE PLANT, RARE INSECT.. eventhough I live in Hulu Langat.. but still... I've never found strange things like I saw in this rare cave.

As I back to Selangor. I went to BROGA HILL...Huh! tired tireddddddd!!!..
I found how tired I was... found many many hill.. even there were 3 only.. but I most LOVE BROGA ! 

Next, My friend and I will plan to explore GUNUNG NUANG.. :) 

hmm... I Love love and really love to explore THE NATURE. More strange plant, more interesting for me. I will take a picture and I will save them for making memories.

The Challenges I face

When weather about to rain.. hmm..btter to back home.. or you'll get injured...

it's so ridiculous and it was very severe. when we were in sucking blood, it's hard to stop. and those who are afraid of blood may be faint.
To Overcome this..bring salt. If you suck by the 'geli geli' , just salt in their body. next it will release the bite. but your blood hard to stop.. :)

The essential gadget can count on my advantures is Mobile Phone.. :)
-easy to bring..any time, anywhere,
-also can use as a GPS if we lost our way..*fact?idk
-I can capture every moment by phone only, no need to bring DSLR..
-If I under the water. new phone can capture also..easy easy... :)


As long as we have broadband or wifi.. we can straight go to the heaven! lol. I means go to AOTG..
no need to bring the Plasma Tv or etc. btw, line of broadband sometimes make me crazy..arrghh...ouh. i was in jungle, no wonder lah line is 'macam siput'.. but.. if we get the line... haaaa... U'll jump jump to the sky.. why? see.. in jungle you can watch astro... unique! I loves Astro..this AOTG's website is really cool! love it so much. we can watch AOTG anytimes & anywhere.. see my photo... I was watching on the edge of a stream. :) . take Astro with you,wherever u go !!

See What I was doing.. :)
thumb UP!!


anne said...

wow bestnye sis..

dulu akak macam sis jugak...adventure person..tapi masa sekolah jelah..masuk dalam hutan tepi sekolah sebab buat aktiviti pbsm...
nak naik gunung tahan ikut ayah..tapi ayah xbagi..pastu dah kahwin, ada anak..lagilah terkubu je..tapi cita2 nak daki gunung kinabalu..

anyway nice blog..do follow akak punye blog http://amanne8257.blogspot.com/
tq...nice to know u....

Mahamahu said...

Tahniah dapt jumpa anda kat sana memang best and seronok sgt event ni kan...