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Third largest UiTM campus 
For your information, before this I never had interests to study here. My heart and feelings were not here. That time I eagerly want to become a teacher. Let’s view my old post about my interview offering UiTM & KPLSPM. First time I stepped into UiTM Perlis is when I attended the Sport Studies and Recreation course interview.  An expression for the first time I came here was .. "keciknya UiTM ni rupanya .. tak nampak pun tempat belajar depa" . haha . That time I  just entered their Sport Complex in front of their Gate A.  Actually UiTM Perlis is the third largest campus of UiTM, the largest with their farms actually. 

Scenery of paddy fields
After the first time I came here, I really want to have a picture with the paddy fields as the scenery.  If my family were here, I really want to take picture with them with that scenery. It is really beautiful and we can't get in urban areas. I hope I will get a picture such as that before I leave Arau.  You will view that scenery if you enter UiTM through the Gate A.

 Friends that have difference of background of academic
 In the first semester here, I had a problem to find friends. I had a bit of problem with my course-mates and sometimes because of that I really want to change institution.  So I found something to make me happy here. I joined Kelab Taekwondo UiTM Perlis, Kelab Debat dan Pidato and I take the Komander Kesatria role.  After I attended various participations, I got so many friends. I don't believe that there are ex-students from reputable universities in Malaysia such as University Malaya and UIA.  Also there are many ex-students from matriculations. Most of them quit their studies there. And I don't believe that there are matriculation leavers studying in diploma because they don't like the course in degree that they were offered.  In my intake last year, got many students that got matriculation offers. Most of them don't want to go because of certain reasons. Even if I get that offer, my sister will say "jangan nak beria pergi". She also experienced one month studied at Kepala Batas Penang Matriculation, the top matriculation in Malaysia. Her tutor suggested her to leave when she gets her offer from IPG Lembah Pantai Kuala Lumpur. That time only she and her roommate left while others were changed to another institution although she did not like science physics.  What I know from matriculation leavers, if you get a higher pointer such as 3.5+ for every semester, you will get offer for a degree course that is interesting for you or you will get offers to pursue studies overseas. hey I have senior from matriculation who is at New Zealand now ok.!! if you get lower than that, you will get offers to a course that maybe you are not interested in and far from the scope of your field. hey same kind of short course at UiTM, but you can refuse and you will not regret for life. unless you are really a genius.

Travel far, wide view
before this I've been complaining, "jauhnya nak ulang-alik" ceh .. actually now I still have that habit. alah ... Perak jew. our campus got many students from Melaka, Selangor, Johor, Terengganu, Negeri Sembilan, Kelantan, Kuala Lumpur and got students from Sabah and Sarawak. they don't have any problems, in their mind, they just want to come here and study. if always want to be pampered, want to pursue studies that is nearer to home, difficult-la. my elder sister said to me, take this advantage during studying at foreign land by going  to any where if get the offer. so when we can feel all that?? going back to our hometown by using varieties of transport such as train and flight. in the future, when we are already employed and have a family, they have no time to feel it all.

 Old campus
our campus is the second oldest UiTM campus, not surprising if there were horror stories and furnitures shown ITM on it. hey .. Shah Alam is the oldest one. got hostels that looking really bad and terrifying la. everywhere there are jinns, ghosts and bla-bla. but depends on our self. honestly I also experienced hysteria, but here I am, more brave. got experiences sleeping in the jungle and caves. sometimes my mom also worry about me when I told her I will camp at the certain place. before this I didn't know about horror stories in my campus before I heard it from my friends and my senior. Alhamdulilah I really did not feel horror-ed at all there. even sometimes I went to the toilet at 3 a.m alone in my hostel. this is because of the customs of residents to recite Al-Mulk before 11 p.m and recite al-Quran before maghrib. my senior also advised me to  not find that place.

Unusual place names in campus
Mushroom, Bukit Aman, Ombak, Oren, C-Mart Kecik, Kulat .. hahaha .. those are unusual names given by our students. the actual name of Mushroom is Anjung Siswa. sometime I call this place is Cendawan, hey we should respect our language and to uphold the Malay language (haiz suddenly there is the spirit of patriotism on me) haha. ok .. I don't want to elaborate more about the unusual place names. you should be more independent to find it if you want to know.

when you pursue studies in UiTM, you will automaticly be called "Anak MARA". you should be grateful because only this university in Malaysia that has cheap fees. and sometimes there are dissatisfied sounds from non-BUMI  races because of that and opportunity for them to pursue studies are less. sometimes I also feel pity of them. maybe because I have non-Malay boyfriend.

who am I to determine the future of people? what I wrote here is just to share .. think wisely for the best in your life and good luck for your studies and WELCOME TO UiTM Perlis..

Credit to: Kak Amal ( http://blogkuhceritakuh.blogspot.com/2012/05/uitm-perlis-di-hatiku.html )

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hi tyqa..nak tnya pasal taekwondo kat uitm arau ni...tkd wtf.gtf/itf??
sy degree in marine tech student br..cmna nak join taekwondo club..
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