forget all the sad thing....!!!

i dont know what is wrong with me right now...maybe because i have nothing to behaving like this...suddenly i felt a bit lonely,ummmmmm..not really lonely,but in the sense of my not saying that i doesnt have anyone in my life..its just about the things that made me felt not secure..hadoyai.....ape lahh y sy merepek nie???ok2,straight to the point..actually,i always think a sad thing if im alone..before this,before i have my own ORG KESUKAAN..ive been in LOVE..but that BBOY disappoint me..its really hurt..thats why i doesnt have any strength to confess my feeling to my 'ORG KESUKAAN'..i really afraid that my heart will hurt again..and im afraid that my 'ORG KESUKAAN' wont accept is enough for me n my heart to be hurt..ummmmm..its almost one year im not with that first i thought that i cant survive with HIM..but,as times goes relief that i still can be me and i still survive in the name of me..yes!!i do LOVE HIM with all my heart..but all of that was before he hurt me and my feelings..i cant forgive HIM with what he had done to me..(ummm.wlpn sy tau x baek berdendam,somehow i still dont want to forgive HIM..i dont know why..mybe its hurts me alot,yet no one had made me heart hurt that way..)i swear that,rest of my life i doesnt want to see HIM again!!!what ever happen i hope he will find his own happiness..coz im sure that im HAPPY right now..HAPPY with my life,HAPPY with my FAMILY and FRIENDS all around me, and most of all im HAPPY with my 'ORG KESUKAAN'...even org tuh doesnt know my feelings towards HIM...

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